nvram.bin mtk6582 repair imei using sp flash tool repair imei using sp flash tool - nvram.bin mtk6582 TECHNOLOGIES

repair imei using sp flash tool – nvram.bin mtk6582 – nvram.bin download

Repair imei using sp flash tool –  nvram.bin mtk6582 – nvram.bin download – If you have a Mediatek Android phone and have lost access to the network by not being able to make or receive calls and you can see the “INVALID IMEI” notification on the status bar, this means that your phone has probably lost or damaged NVRAM. But you can fix this.

This method is only possible if you have a complete nandroid backup of your phone before losing NVRAM (by any means for example by formatting). The nandroid backup also backs up your phone NVRAM in a NVRAM.bin file that you can use to restore your phone NVRAM as it will fix an invalid IMEI problem. But if you do not have such a backup, you can still recover from this issue by following another.

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Alternate Method to repair imei using sp flash tool –  nvram.bin mtk6582

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes a Flashing Android smartphone. If you do not follow it correctly, it may lead you to bricking your Android device. By any means, after our portable flashing guides, you are solely responsible if any damages or errors happen to your device or hardware during or after the flashing process.


  1. Locate the nvram.bin file along with the scatter file from the nandroid backup folder that you created earlier at some point. You can copy these two files to an easy-to-access location.

  1. Open the scatter file in Notepad editor. Notepad ++ and locate “NVRAM” as the section name. Replace the file name from “None” to “nvram.bin”. Replace the is_download field from “False” to “True”. Save the file and close the editor.
  2. Open the SP Flash tool and download the newly edited Scatter file. It’s also a scatter modified file and will let you flash NVRAM as a new input automatically loaded. Select the “NVRAM” entry and press the “Download” button.
  3. Turn off the phone and connect via USB.

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It should only take a few seconds on the NVRAM flash. This is. When finished, cut the phone and boot it.

repair imei using sp flash tool –  nvram.bin mtk6582 – nvram.bin download

Allo Allo iOS Allo messenger download google Allo apk google Allo google allo and duo TECHNOLOGIES

Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google’s Latest Apps

Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google’s Latest Apps – Allo and Duo are the latest apps from Google. Allo Messenger apps like the popular Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger, developed by Google for both Android and iOS, the duo is a video calling or chatting app. Google confirmed the lunch pretty well through their blog earlier this week where they describe it as the “smarter messaging apps”.
Google allo a direct competitor with Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger? I said yes because it has some cool features like Google bot had heard about his chat with more time, as an assistant.

Features of Google allo

One of the main feature that allo to other messaging apps in the Google Assistant (bot) that acts as a virtual assistant. He heard his chat on time and gives you “smart” suggestions for making the chatting and staying in touch with loved the fun and easy.

Google allo

Can you and your friends are discussing where to go and have fun at the weekend and the Google Help may suggest Movies, if you consider the options, you can go to our automatic and closest to the nearest cinema and even their movie schedule in few seconds. Cool right?

Other features of the Google allo

  • Expression – emoji and stickers
  • chatting Incognito – Privacy protection similar to Whatsapp end-to-end encryption.
  • Expiring Chat feature allows you to set up private chat in complete after which they will be automatically deleted.
  •  The message is set to finish by a sender can not be a screen shot, you can prevent recipients from installing them
  • Private notifications – to keep private chats from prying eyes.
  •  whisper shout feature – allows you put in ascending or descending order to simulate a low whisper (words) or call (large).
  • send voice messages and animated GIF images to your conversations.

About Google Duo

Google duo is another new product from Google which is a video calling app that is said to take on popular apps like Skype and FaceTime. Google duo online allo, is a messaging app but not a full time video chatting app. It has a smooth user interface with its small size (just 7mb) and great features like speed, which is its main feature.

Google duo, duo download apk

Google claims that the Duo will work even with poor network as 2G networks. How is this possible? According to google “Duo can dynamically adjust the video and audio quality to suit whatever type of connection you are on” without breaking, especially when switching between WiFi and cellular networks. I’m not a computer engineer, so I do not know how they do it, but this is cool!

Google duo, duo download apk

Features of Google Duo

  •  In “knock-knock feature which shows the video call, on a screen lock before picking up the call. – Android only
  • Destination phone number and not as a Gmail account, you allo
  • Standalone video calling app
  • The easy user interface (UI)
  • can be used even with poor network.

Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google’s Latest Apps

Advantages and Drawbacks Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop ANDROID Android Lollipop

Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop

Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop – Google revealed the new operating system Android 5.0, lollipop later in the year. Much was needed by Android because the fact that it was a “new” Android user interface. Definitely was. It was better than ever. But to win something, you need to lose something. Android Lollipop, like any other OS comes with it’s Amateur and DeepOffs we gonna look down below. Let’s start!

Advantages of Android 5.0, Lollipop.

‘Materials’ UI – enhances the appearance of every single application in Android 5.0, Lollipop. It’s basically just a new ‘feature’ to let users see ‘where things go’ or ‘where things come from’. Its in the main screen, LockScreen, and the Prairie, everywhere. And yes it’s amazing, it feels much more fluid and professional. Each press button, the user interface animation has it special feel in the new Android 5.0, Lollipop.

Ease of Access – Allows you to access your notifications just by dragging down from the top. You may say, what’s so new about it, Android has done it previously, iOS, and Microsoft has done it too, so what a great deal, right? Error! As mentioned above, the media bar also contains a physical user interface, so it feels more fluid to touch and experience professional sips. Also, you can see all your notifications in your LockScreen, too. The notification bar gives you access to many functions such as brightness control, Wi-Fi switch on / off and so on.

Battery Optimization – Android Lollipop has many noticeable changes, mostly from the user interface. You may be thinking if the user interface is very beautiful, the animation is very powerful, and every button press even “view capable” costs a lot of battery, right? Well, surprise surprise, Google announced the “Volta Project” in the robot lollipop, which obviously means to keep the battery. We’ve seen “Butter Project” too, but this time, Google has taken it to a whole new level. This means that you can now use your phone while traveling with the need to worry!

Amazing performance – Android Lollipop now supports 64-bit architecture. Guide the receiver that it will be able to hold much more RAM. Thus, the robot lollipop will be any lag and will do your tasks in just bliss. ‘Android Runtime’ or ‘Art’ is something new here. Previously used Android “Dalvik” which is responsible for third-party applications, now turned to Art. Art makes processing things much faster.

Just talk about its advantages, let’s take a look at its downsides now …

Drawbacks of Android 5.0, Lollipop.

Design materials exaggerated – although a lot of people, including me love the new user interface materials, I feel it takes tons of space for nothing. The robot was supposed to have tons of options on the screen, not buried under Android menus. Robot Lollipop just do it! All useful options are now buried inside the list. Large size banners on material applications take a lot of space, not much information can now be planted on a single page.

Flip Unlock – Android Lollipop Keeps the trend to open while looking at your phone. Android Lollipop provides that while you are checking your notifications on your LockScreen, it will be processed in the background to unlock the phone, but again, it does not do it well. IOS has a finger recognition method, which works every time, but no face recognition, so the next time you open your phone, you need to make all kinds of faces.

Software keys – ah! finally! Why did Google put ‘soft’ keys instead of actual touch feather buttons? I know it is the direction of the Nexus line, but again, the buses take up too much space, and we again have to leave 1 inch space for the buttons on the screen ?! seriously?

So, you’ve all noticed that the Lollipop robot has so much more awesome features than ever, but it comes with some drawbacks. So choose wisely, you will work ketchat stick, or switch to a new sucker! Let us know in the comments below!

Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop

Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing TECHNOLOGIES

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC –

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3

If you are among those who have been finding it difficult to configure your psiphon retained to work with Glo 0.0kobo free browsing, or you will face frequent disconnections, this update tweakware VPN v3.4 will do the magic for you. All you need to do is select the previously configured Glo 0.0kobo as a whole and it is good to go.

This new tweakware v3.4 can be used as an alternative to psiphon holders for those who are currently rocking it on psiphon, however, those who can not get psiphon to work can try this new tweakware 3.4.

Requirements for glo unlimited browsing tweak

  • Android devices
  • Glo Sim without data and Airtime
  • Updated Tweakware 3.4 download here
  • Strong Glo H + or 3G signal in your area.

Device APN Settings latest free glo browsing cheat

  • APN: gloflat
  • Proxy: Empty
  • Port: leave empty
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

NOTE! Whenever a data bundle is given to you, a service that prevents your money to be deducted when the data is automatically enabled. So when you exhaust your data you can not brows with your business even when you want to, to brows with your money, you will need to “Pay as you go” service. The failure of his tweakware or psiphon to tell is simply because it is an existing data plan, or because you have not activated ‘pay as you go “, which enables you to continue with your business , when you exhaust your data.

How to activate Glo “PAYU” Service?

  • Go to the message that
  • Text PayU 127

You will get a reply telling you that you are now using Pay as you go, in brows.

See Advantages and Drawbacks of Android Lollipop

Tweakware Configuration

  • Install and open tweakware 3.4 APK you get
  • Select Settings in the top left corner of the app
  • Tick Use bundle box

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3

  • Click on Bundle Settings
  • Select Bundle Settings
  • Select NG Glo 0,0

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3 settings

  • return to the app’s homepage and choose free server for the premium is not to use premium servers.


NOTE! Free tweakware users are in for a bypass 200mb daily, you do not have money for premium server to use it unlimitedly, do not worry, just read this post on how to bypass tweakware daily 200mb limit.

  • Finally, hit the Connect button and wait for a few seconds when you connect.

Free Premium account for Tweakware

You can try these premium accounts to connect with tweakware using any premium server. Go to Settings >> news >>

  1. Username: Nairabit

Password: Nairabit

  1. Username: Kingmaraton

Password: Kingmaraton

  1. Users: Success

Password: Success

  1. Users: Geology

Password: Geology

5.Username: Mysmartpass

Password: Mysmartpass

  1. Users: Unregistere

Password: Unregistere

7.Username: Mynairabits

Password: Mynairabits

8.Username: Benfreak

Password: Benfreak

  1. users: Granites

Password: Granites

  1. users: Convention

Password: Convention

How to Use tweakware 3.4 Glo 0.0kobo free browsing on the PC?

You can use it on PC via PdaNet, just read this post on how to connect it to your PC. Use the comment box below to tell us if it works for you, or if you have any problems or issues. Use the icons to share this post with your friends on social platforms. Have fun! and stay connected.

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC