Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing TECHNOLOGIES

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC –

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3

If you are among those who have been finding it difficult to configure your psiphon retained to work with Glo 0.0kobo free browsing, or you will face frequent disconnections, this update tweakware VPN v3.4 will do the magic for you. All you need to do is select the previously configured Glo 0.0kobo as a whole and it is good to go.

This new tweakware v3.4 can be used as an alternative to psiphon holders for those who are currently rocking it on psiphon, however, those who can not get psiphon to work can try this new tweakware 3.4.

Requirements for glo unlimited browsing tweak

  • Android devices
  • Glo Sim without data and Airtime
  • Updated Tweakware 3.4 download here
  • Strong Glo H + or 3G signal in your area.

Device APN Settings latest free glo browsing cheat

  • APN: gloflat
  • Proxy: Empty
  • Port: leave empty
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

NOTE! Whenever a data bundle is given to you, a service that prevents your money to be deducted when the data is automatically enabled. So when you exhaust your data you can not brows with your business even when you want to, to brows with your money, you will need to “Pay as you go” service. The failure of his tweakware or psiphon to tell is simply because it is an existing data plan, or because you have not activated ‘pay as you go “, which enables you to continue with your business , when you exhaust your data.

How to activate Glo “PAYU” Service?

  • Go to the message that
  • Text PayU 127

You will get a reply telling you that you are now using Pay as you go, in brows.

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Tweakware Configuration

  • Install and open tweakware 3.4 APK you get
  • Select Settings in the top left corner of the app
  • Tick Use bundle box

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3

  • Click on Bundle Settings
  • Select Bundle Settings
  • Select NG Glo 0,0

Glo 0.0kobo tweak using tweakware 3.3 settings

  • return to the app’s homepage and choose free server for the premium is not to use premium servers.


NOTE! Free tweakware users are in for a bypass 200mb daily, you do not have money for premium server to use it unlimitedly, do not worry, just read this post on how to bypass tweakware daily 200mb limit.

  • Finally, hit the Connect button and wait for a few seconds when you connect.

Free Premium account for Tweakware

You can try these premium accounts to connect with tweakware using any premium server. Go to Settings >> news >>

  1. Username: Nairabit

Password: Nairabit

  1. Username: Kingmaraton

Password: Kingmaraton

  1. Users: Success

Password: Success

  1. Users: Geology

Password: Geology

5.Username: Mysmartpass

Password: Mysmartpass

  1. Users: Unregistere

Password: Unregistere

7.Username: Mynairabits

Password: Mynairabits

8.Username: Benfreak

Password: Benfreak

  1. users: Granites

Password: Granites

  1. users: Convention

Password: Convention

How to Use tweakware 3.4 Glo 0.0kobo free browsing on the PC?

You can use it on PC via PdaNet, just read this post on how to connect it to your PC. Use the comment box below to tell us if it works for you, or if you have any problems or issues. Use the icons to share this post with your friends on social platforms. Have fun! and stay connected.

Updated Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing Via Latest Tweakware 3.4 on Android and PC

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