blogger subscription pop up

How to add email subscription pop up for blogger to your site

Today let’s look at how to add email subscription pop up for blogger to your blogger site

Subscribers are very important in blog or website as they are the true follower of a blog/site
There are many methods to Create a Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger
for example, you can use JavaScripts to Create subscribe by email widget for Blogger, but here in this guide, I will teach you the easiest method for creating a subscribe by email widget for Blogger.
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Table of Contents

Difference between pop up and sidebar email subscription widget:-

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Let me describe the benefit of pop  up email subscription over the side bar widget
1. easily notice:-
Pop up subscription form are easily notice and when it easily noticed you get more subscribers
2. Sidebar widgets are mostly hidden when the user scrolls down.
3. Beautiful and engaging Popups blow the reader’s mind and convert them into subscribers.

Reason why you should use email subscription pop up for blogger

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Do you know that you can increase your blog subscribers 2 to 3times by changing the position of your email subscription  form.
A popup email subscription box helps your blog readers to reach your blog’s subscription widget quickly, and ultimately they end up by subscribing to your blog.
Pop up subscription form is attractive and it makes your site looks more professional
And even it does not slow down your site loading speed so

How to create email subscription pop up for blogger:-

Step 1:- you will need to create a mailchimpAccount
Step 2:- Create a new list (here you’ll find your future subscribers).
Step 3:- Go to your created list and click on ‘Signup forms’ and then select ‘subscriber popup’
Step 4:- Now you can create and design your popup form. You can choose different layouts, different fonts, colors and you can also insert a pic. Actually pretty awesome
Step 5:- When you are finished, click on the ‘generate code’ button and copy the provided code.
Step 6 :- this is the last step login to your blogger
Go to blogger –> Layout –> add a Gadget –> paste your code into the content.
Then you are done! But don’t forget to save the arrangment
Now, your visitors will see your popup box and don’t worry you’ll not bother anyone with it.
If your visitors closed the window of that box or have subscribed already, then the popup form will not show up again, unless they clear their browser cache.

Conclusion on email subscription pop up for blogger

Try to use the email subscription pop up form and increase your subscribers 2 to 3times and generate more sales!!!
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domainking promotional code

Buy cheap .com domain at #2669 using this domainking promotional code

Domainking as come with another  domainking promotional code to help you get another cheap and affordable domain for your site is the leading domain registrar and web hosting company in Nigeria.
Its an india made host
DomainKing is taking on the initiative to help Nigerian entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their online presence by offering them affordable solutions to build their websites. With the DomainKing coupons and promo codes.
you can save big on your next purchase on DomainKing using their promotion code.
Every since the launch of DomainKing web hosting they have released many promotional code for its users either on Web hosting or domain names.
Table of Contents

How to buy .com domain from domain king using domainking promotional code

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Domainking has created a page to place your .com domain order instead of given any promotional code
You can buy as many as possible .com domain from this page and the promotion code will be automatically added
This is the page URL:-(click here to place your order)

Conclusion on domainking promotional code

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There is no specific time this promo will end its better you buy now before it expire
note:- this promo is available for both new and exiting users
You can buy as many as possible domain using the above link but the renewal amount will be the same as of those who buy as High price without using any promotion code
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domain king website

How much to host a website in nigeria using domain king

Here today I want to discuss with you how much to host a website in Nigeria

Yea its a good question I have once be in that shoe
While I was a novice in the IT industry then i just want to start blogging but I was curious how much am I going to host a site here in Nigeria
Then I went to google and do many research but all the answer I am getting to this question is helpless
Here I this article I am going to show you complete breakdown of web hosting I Nigeria using domainking
Of course I chose domainking because it was one of my best host
indeed I use domainking to host this site you are reading now they are the root of this site speed
Table of Contents

Now what do you need to host a website?

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In this article I will divide the cost of hosting a website into three categories below I will outline all the money you will spend in the website hosting project

1. Web hosting service:-

A website needs to be hosted on a server connected to the internet.
You need to pay a web hosting service to house your website on the web.
The price depends on the host you are using
But in domainking you can get as low as #3600 yearly on promo but normal price you can get as low as #4600
And the second category is
2. domain name cost :
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Domain name is the name of your website in which your audience type in their browser address bar to land on your site
Example: the domain name of this blog you are reading is if you type this in any browser address bar you will surely land on this blog
Domain name is not free you buy it.
You will need to register it with some yearly fees. You Can only register a domain name that no other person has registered before.
The same company that you use for your host can provide you domain name
As I have said early I am going to use domainking web hosting service in this content
Here is the domain price in domainking

3. Content creation fee:-

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A blog/website without content is not recognized
Though It’s not really compulsory you create paid contents on your blog but its recommended if you are a newbie in the industry
In Nigeria, you could get a copy written for 500 Naira to 50,000 Naira, depending on what you want and the level of skills required.

4. Web designer fee:-

If you are a newbie you are not advice to do your blog designing by your self you will need to hire a professional
Because your blog layout might affect your seo if not done properly
An SEO will also ensure that the structure and layout of your website is search engine friendly.
as well as help you develop strategies that will increase website traffic.
Some plug-ins may also be required to add some unique features you are demanding. So, the more features you want on your business website the steeper the cost of design and development.

Now how much to host a website in Nigeria using domainking(WordPress)

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Let’s add all the above mentioned service altogether
  • Domain name fee
  • Web host fee
  • Web designer fee
  • Content creation fee
domain and web hosting fee:-
As am writing now in domainking host with one domain is= 4600 (without promo code)
content creation fee:-
In Nigeria here you can get as low as #500 per content and you need atleast 40 content that’s
web designer fee:-
The amount depends on the type of programmer you want to hire you can get a web design service for as low as #5000

The total cost of creating a website in Nigeria (WordPress)

Now let’s calculate everything altogether webhost fee (with free domain) + content creation fee + web designer fee=
4500+20000+5000= #29500

Total cost without content creation fee

Since you can write the content by yourself let’s calculate the total cost without content creation fee
Web host fee +web designer fee =
4500+5000= #9500
But since you are a newbie hire a content writer

Conclusion on how much to host a website in Nigeria

Having Gone through the above write-ups i strongly believe you now know the average cost of creating and setting up a website in Nigeria.
but note:- you can create a free blog using if you want to create a website using blogger you will not pay for hosting only domain fee (#1000)
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ranking seo

How to blog comment for seo and improve your search ranking

Today let us look at how to blog comment for seo

Table of Contents

Firstly what is blog commenting:-

Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers.
It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post
Blog commenting is an action taken by the blog viewers, visitors, or blog readers; the blog readers or the visitors leave a comment on to the blog posts in the form of questions if they want to ask anything,
or some can simply leave a comment for appreciating the information shared or may be the blog author replying to the comments which are posted by the blog readers
Recently blog commenting is considered as one of the best ways in building links but  now it as become an old school thing
Back then people discovered that leaving comments with your blog link on other peoples blog is an easy way of building back link
Then Everyone start spamming the internet with blog comments, filling the space beneath perfectly good pieces of content with unrelated spam messages and irrelevant links to their websites.

Google response on spam commenting

After the breakout of this spam commenting google update their panda and penguin
Google made it so that these
irrelevant comment backlinks were useless to the websites they went to.
Since one page could contain hundreds of different links to other websites, each link was passing very little link juice.
Now, strategic, highly-relevant and high-authority backlinks are much better than hundreds of backlinks from irrelevant sources.

Is blog commenting still important?

Yes blog commenting is important.
If you are good in commenting to blog post you can get traffic and also backlinks to your site but it has some strategy to make it pass backlink to your site
But not only that it may sometimes leads to developing relationship between the blog author and the blog readers.

Important of blog commenting

Blog commenting has many reason but it depend on the reason why you are doing it
Some people do blog comments to increase their Alexa Ranking and some do it to generate backlinks and here are some reason and important of blog commenting
1. Building relationship
2. Brand recognition
3. Driving traffic to your site
4. you can use it to generate back links

How to blog comment for seo

Submitting  comments is not that difficult.
Here are some things you need to put in mind when blog commenting

1. Learn about the content before commenting

When some people reach a blog for their first time
They click on any article of their interest
Then they go straight to the comment section and put their comments , since they are only commenting to generate backlink
This act is wrong because you can’t fool search engine
Writing thousands of irrelevant comments is useless
Before you comment on a post firstly read and understand the content it will prompt you to writing a useful a and valuable comment which search engines will fall for and genete quality backlink back to your site.

2. Always add some value

Have you read through the post before commenting?
Do you have extra knowledge about the content you have just read?
Then good! Why don’t you try and write  valuable comment which will add extra value to the readers.
Its a good idea

3. The lengthier the better

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Write length comments lengthier than tweets but shorter than post
The length should be enough to make a substantial point about the post which improves its quality.
Even The author of the blog you are commenting on might edit his post and include your bit of the information along with your blog as a reference link!
Just stay away from writing random links

4. Stay away from too much links

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Yea. Now you have write a valueable comment And you decided to add your blog URL
You are welcome but don’t overdo it.
only one link back to your blog is enough and avoid excessive linking

5. Avoid generic comment

Now let me tell you something
the idea of writing generic comment like (e.g wow what a great post am glad I found this your post on the topic am looking for) is not a good idea when writing comment for seo
Some people will just write this kind of sentence and put a link back to their blog
Its bad it will pose you like a spammer even if you not
Drop that idea its better if you can contribute on the post in a reasonable manner and add a link back to your blog than commenting like a spammer.

Conclusion on how to blog comment for seo.

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Things you should put in mind when blog commenting are :-
Write quality comments that add value to Reader’s live
Make it lengthier than tweets but short to blog post
Drop the idea of writing generic comments and so on
Use this above strategy and apply it when blog commenting and increase the number of backlink to your site
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legit teenager

creditable and descriptive ways to make cool cash online as a teenager in Nigeria

Are you curious about ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria ?

Then you are in the right place.
There are many proven ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria.
in this content I shall give you some descriptive ways to make Money online
Table of Contents

Reason Why you should learn ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria :-

Make money online when you are a teenager is something cool
I said it cool because you will be proud among your peers that you are generating income online because make money online is something not common among teens
Another reason you should start making money online as a teenager is Nigeria economy
Every body knows that Nigeria is one of the country why poverty based
Now at your teen age you have less money to spend then why not use that opportunity to make money and be free from Nigeria poverty.

Ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria a freelancer:-
Freelancing is when you are paid to complete some required task online
Assuming you know how to do some things like graphics design, web development, or render useful service service online like seo service, socia media analysis, or writing job you can just present your self online and start getting client that will pay you per job done.

Reason why you should join freelancer:- your own boss
The most common reason for starting out as a freelancer  is the ability to be your own boss. No more working with control-freak management
no more being clocked in and out of the office,
There’s no more getting told off for being late
you are the master of your ownship, and that’s a great way to feel especially when you are at your teen age
2. You chose the client you work with
3. you choose the project you want to on
4.You Never Have to Do Unpaid Overtime Again

2. Start blogging:

The most interesting way to make money online is start blogging
Blogging have many advantage
as a teenager who wants to make money online you should consider learning about creating and managing a professional blog.
If you have a blog with a lot of readers, there may be
opportunities to monetize.
In today’s economy, being diversified and having additional sources of income can be tremendously beneficial.
If you are working a job that doesn’t pay as much as you’d like,
or if you would simply like to earn more money,
blogging can make for a great side income.

3. Information marketing:-

One of the best way to make money online is starting an information marketing business
One interesting thing about information marketing is that
assuming you wants to start selling an eBook for example you just need to create only one ebook and you can sell it in a whole lifetime
To start information marketing you just need to find an every green subject the call sales
Write on the subject
Do more research about the subject
Then start writing your eBook
After finish writing it post it online
And start promoting it
And keep making your own money

4. Start affiliate marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like,
promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.
You can join any Affiliate market promote their product and start making money

Conclusion on ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria

With all this listed ways for making money online as a teen in Nigeria I will tell  you can’t make a dime without talking action
it now your turn to take action and start making mony online as a teen
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pay per click

Top paying pay per click sites in nigeria

pay per click sites in Nigeria you should join

Several people has been banned form google AdSense and some are yet to get approved because google AdSense terms are strict
Getting google AdSense approval now is something difficult nowadays unlike those days where you can just apply with copied contents and less words and get approved easily.
Table of Contents

But the good news is this:-

Do you know that here in Nigeria, we have many Ad networks willing to advertise on your website/blog  and pay you big money

Reason you should join pay per click sites in Nigeria:-

There are many reason why you should join Nigeria pay per click sites the reason are listed below
1. Easy approval:-
Nigeria pay per click network terms are not that strict. When you apply to this networks you are always welcome
We all know that top paying AdSense pay in dollars many Nigeria bloggers face problem when trying to convert the dollars into their local currency.
Then why don’t you go for AdSense that will pay you in your local currency and avoid all this problems.
3. Payment method:-
Top paying AdSense only pays though PayPal.
But the problem is that Nigeria PayPal cannot be use to receive payment.
4. Site and traffic requirements:-
There are some google AdSense requirements that you can not meet especially if you are a newbie in blogging field.
And you must get atlest 2000 daily page view before you can get approved by google AdSense. all this requirements none of them are required by Nigeria adverts company

Top paying pay pay per click sites in Nigeria

  1. Alternative advert:-
This is one of the highest paying AdSense in africa
They offer both pay per click and pay per impressions
pros of alternative advert
Sign up is easy and no minimum traffic required
They offer both text and banner ads of various size
Try pay in dollars with the minimum payout of $50
You can use their referral program. You earn 3%of the money the advertiser you refer spent and 5% of the money earn by publisher
Adquet is the leading advert company in Nigeria. they are based on only cpc and ppc withe good banner and text ads
pros of adquet
Gaining approval from adquet is easy you can run both publisher and advertiser on thesame account
No minimum traffic required
They support sub domain like and they accept all niche
They pay as high as #100 and low @ #5 it depends on the AdSense size
Their minimum payout is #2500 they pay though PayPal and bank wire transfer
Clicking their AdSense on your blog by yourself is against their policy

3. NgAdverts

NgAdverts is another good Ad Network in Nigeria that pays bloggers for display their ads on their blog.
They are based on PPC and CPC.
They offer good text and banner ads and support various ads layout.
Just like Adquet, you can sign up as both publisher and advertiser.
Pros of NgAdverts
Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required
Offer both Advertiser and Publisher platform
Based on text and banner ads.
Minimum payout is as low as #3000 as pay via bank wire.
Clicking your ads in against their policy and will get your site disapproved.

4. Nairapp

Nairapp is one Nigerian Advertising Network that has mobile and pc friendly ads.
They are really good for bloggers based in Nigeria that would love to monetize their site.
They Offer both Pay per click and Pay Per Impression
Pros of Nairapp
Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required.
Offer both text and banner ads
Earn 25% of the money spent by publisher you refer and 5% of the
money earned by publisher you refer.
Minimum payout is #3000 offer payouts to Paypal, check or Bank wire.

5. Dochase

Dochase is another good Ad Network in Nigeria and they are based on PPC and CPC. Their ads are not too friendly but pay high per click.
They are strict in their policies and deactivate your account once
they notice any spam click.
Earning takes 24 hours to show on their platform
Pros of Dochase
No minimum traffic required for approval,
Signup is easy and fast.
Pay higher on ad click than impression.
Minimum cashout as low as #2000 and offers fast payment to your local bank account than most Advertising Network
6. Twinpinenetwork:-
Twinpine is one leading Ad Network in Nigeria that supports both advertising on mobile app and website.
With good support from advertisers like Pepsi, Jobberman, MTN, twinpine offers their publisher quality text and banner ads.
With little or no minimum traffic required you can gain approval and start monetizing your site with twinpine ads.
Pros of Twinpinenetwork
Gain easy and fast approval once signup.
Display good and virus free ads to their publishers.
Offer both PPM and CPC services.
Minimum payout of #2500 via Paypal or bank.

Conclusion word on top paying pay per click sites in Nigeria:-

By now I think Nigeria bloggers that are facing difficulties with top paying AdSense like google have now find solution to their problem
I think you should consider joining two or three of the Nigeria advert company listed in this article.
you can display like two or three advert on the same blog without been banned
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beginners guide Jumia affiliate marketing

Jumia affiliate marketing (beginners guide)

This days I have been disturbed by some good friends on Facebook asking me how jumia affiliate works and that one of my reason for writing this article, because I know that there are a lot of people outside there that want to start earning as an affiliate marketer but they don’t know how to start.

but today in this article I will tell you everything you need to know before starting with jumia affiliate program.
This article is useful even if you want to promote products on Jumia Kenya, Jumia Egypt, Jumia Nigeria, Jumia Morocco, Jumia Ivory Coast, Jumia Ghana, and Jumia Cameron. All you need to do is to choose the country you want to promote their products and after then you start earning.
Table of Contents

now what is jumia affiliate marketing

Jumia affiliate program is just like all other affiliate program.
Jumia online store pays every webmasters/bloggers and affiliate marketer selling and promoting products from Jumia when they refer someone to buy from their online store.

How do jumia affiliate works

Jumia affiliate program is one of the best way to make money from your blog as an affiliate marketers.
With jumia affiliate program you earn up to 11% commission for every sale made from your jumia affiliate links and Banners. But you have to sell before you can earn.If you refer millions of customers to Jumia and none makes a purchase, Jumia won’t pay you a dime.
the amount of money you can make depends on your blog traffic, blog niche, and the affiliate commission model for the product you are promoting.
Keep driving traffic to your blog to increase your sales and earn more money and always track your performance at the Jumia Affiliate program platform.

How to join jumia affiliate marketing program

There are certain things you need to have in place before you start jumia affiliate program and are as follows:-
1. A well functional blog:-
You can create an online store if want to sell many stuff all you just need to do is to set your affiliate link as the purchase button and it can also be a niche blog you just need to select product that are related to your niche
2. A bank account to receive you payment.
After you get the both things then you are free to start earning
Now to join jumia affiliate program for free
Just head to : there affiliate page.
Then fill the form correctly.
After that agree on their affiliate program terms and agreement.
Click on the start earning button
Now go login to you email and confirm your registration
Then Your account will be reviewed and you will get approved within 24hrs.After that you will be given a jumia affiliate unique tracking ID which will be used in tracking your sales and clicks on your promotion product link.
Every product has it own affiliate link which you will see on your Jumia Affiliate dashboard, You can pick any one with their screenshots for promotion.

How to promote a product

1. Get the Product Link
The first thing to do is to visit Jumia website and get the link of the product you want to promote.
2. Sign in to your affiliate dashboard
3. Click on the menu tab >> Click on tools>>click on link builder
4. Select Nigeria in the advertising offer (the country of your interest)
5. Copy the product you want to promote link and paste it on page URL
6. Then copy the “FINAL URL” to put on your blog. But one interesting thing is that you can also share you link on social media so it not compulsory you have a blog,even if you have a blog you can still create a page on Facebook and promote then there,from there you can still see buyer and you continue earning.

Conclusion word on jumia affiliate marketing program:-

by now I think you will have understand how jumia affiliate program works happy earning!!!
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Adsense Approval Qick

Adsense Qick Approval (best guide to get fast approval)

Today in this guide I will show you some AdSense approval hack and get your blog approved fast,so if you have been struggling on getting approve by AdSense fast and you are tired of getting rejected always then you have come to the right guide

Getting approve by google AdSense is not that difficult, in this guide I have come up with some great AdSense approval hack after reading this guide then apply it to your blog then you are free to reapply for google AdSense and am sure you won’t be rejected anymore
Now let’s start
What is google AdSense:- Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. And even google AdSense is the best one of the best way of monetize your blog.
Now how does it work:-
the onwner of the site or blog inserts the google AdSense JavaScript code into a webpage on their blog, Each time this page is visited, the JavaScript code uses in-lined JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to display content fetched from Google’s servers,but for you to get the JavaScript you must firstly apply for google AdSense and get approved
Now how to get AdSense approval fast:-
Many bloggers fell discouraged when they see their AdSense application get rejected.
Nobody love’s getting rejected by google AdSense, and thats why I have deeply research on some AdSense approval hack for you so, get relax and read this tips and apply it to your blog,after then reapply for google AdSense and get approved immediately and thanks me later
Now the hack are as follows:
Table of Contents

1. WordPress or blogger hosting:-

You use a free blogspot or by a wordpress hosting service and make sure you use a costom domain

2. Increase your chance of approval:-

Now I know the question right on your mind now is how do I increase my chance of approval? Don’t worry I will make the tutorial an easy to understand one.
Organic traffic are visitors generated to your website by search engines. It is highly important to get organic traffic if want to make substantial income from your blog.
Try to get some organic traffic ,getting organic traffic will boost your chances of approval in a very great way.
Start a blog targeted at a niche you won’t find it difficult to compete. That way, you’ll not only get faster AdSense approval, the chances of earning something substantial will be increased.
But note:- I don’t say organic traffic is important before you get approved but it’s just to increase your Chance of approval

3. Write original and indept content only:-

writing original content is one of the most important AdSense approval hack AdSense hate copied content even your readers hate it before you can write an original content you will need do deep research and understand the topic before writing on it.
100% original blog posts get faster AdSense approval

4. Customize your blog properly:-

proper customization of blog is not only good for AdSense but it improve your blog seo.
Get a nice and responsive theme for your blog, design it properly and make it easy to navigate it even helps your seo.
Create a “Menu”, display “category/label” as well as “Archives”, recent posts, and popular posts on the sidebar of your blog .

5. Avoid copyrighted or Highly graphic Images:-

I am very sure that your AdSense application will be rejected if you have copyrighted image on you blog.
There are many websites where you can get some free stock image. Using stock photos from these websites require no attribution and permit commercial use. So, your application should not be rejected because of something so easy to avoid. So if you have any copyright image on your blog I will advice you to remove it
6. Add about page:- Your websites about page is a very important page. It is the page that gives your audience a clear understanding of what your website is all about.
create a page on your blog and write what your blog is all about, about the author and bla bla bla… An “About me” page should be at least 300 words. It should also be appealing, concise and informing.

7. Privacy policy page:-

add a privacy policy page to your blog and tag it “rel_noindex”.
Privacy policy page assures your readers or blog users of the safety of whatever information they share on your website. It is one of the most important pages every website must have.
You must add Information collection, information usage, information protection, third Party disclosure, Cookie usage, Google AdSense fair information practice, etc. On your privacy policy page
you can visit the website: to get a free copy of privacy policy, copy and paste it on your own privacy policy page.

8. Contact page:-

apart from it is requested by AdSense, it make your blog look more professional.
It even makes your readers know you are accessible, which is essential for your blog growth.

9. You need to reduce other advert on your blog:-

you need to reduce or remove ads served by AdSense rival sites before applying to AdSense. AdSense does not approve sites that do not comply with its ads policy.
You could perform that temporarily – till your site has undergone all the review processes. Then after you get approved you can put them again

10. Should your blog be 6month old or not?:-

According to Google AdSense, advertisers from some countries require that your site be up to 6 months old.
The countries where advertisers do not accept blogs not up to 6 months old are majorly developing countries in Asia and Africa. But though is not important.
However, you can still get fast AdSense approval applying from those countries

11. Place your sitemap on the menu section of your blog:-

when you apply for AdSense before your blog get approved it will go under some stage.Many people who apply for AdSense usually get rejected in the second stage of the eligibility test (after code implementation test). And that is because that test is been carry out by google bots. creating a sitemap makes it easier for robots to quickly navigate your blog in order to ascertain whether or not it is eligible for the AdSense program. So putting your sitemap on your blog is important since it will help your blog to be easily understand by google bots
12. Pray to God:- since pray is the key to success I think is one of the most important hack. Every thing in life need prayer be it good or bad so part to God he might hear your prayers.

Conclusion on AdSense approval hack:-

I wish you best of luck as you apply for AdSense.
As I said before if you follow the AdSense approval hack then I am very sure your application will not be rejected. Wish you best of luck. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter we still have a lot of upcoming interesting and useful tips to share a with you. And share with your friends CU’s sharing is loving