Adsense Approval Qick

Adsense Qick Approval (best guide to get fast approval)

Today in this guide I will show you some AdSense approval hack and get your blog approved fast,so if you have been struggling on getting approve by AdSense fast and you are tired of getting rejected always then you have come to the right guide

Getting approve by google AdSense is not that difficult, in this guide I have come up with some great AdSense approval hack after reading this guide then apply it to your blog then you are free to reapply for google AdSense and am sure you won’t be rejected anymore
Now let’s start
What is google AdSense:- Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. And even google AdSense is the best one of the best way of monetize your blog.
Now how does it work:-
the onwner of the site or blog inserts the google AdSense JavaScript code into a webpage on their blog, Each time this page is visited, the JavaScript code uses in-lined JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to display content fetched from Google’s servers,but for you to get the JavaScript you must firstly apply for google AdSense and get approved
Now how to get AdSense approval fast:-
Many bloggers fell discouraged when they see their AdSense application get rejected.
Nobody love’s getting rejected by google AdSense, and thats why I have deeply research on some AdSense approval hack for you so, get relax and read this tips and apply it to your blog,after then reapply for google AdSense and get approved immediately and thanks me later
Now the hack are as follows:
Table of Contents

1. WordPress or blogger hosting:-

You use a free blogspot or by a wordpress hosting service and make sure you use a costom domain

2. Increase your chance of approval:-

Now I know the question right on your mind now is how do I increase my chance of approval? Don’t worry I will make the tutorial an easy to understand one.
Organic traffic are visitors generated to your website by search engines. It is highly important to get organic traffic if want to make substantial income from your blog.
Try to get some organic traffic ,getting organic traffic will boost your chances of approval in a very great way.
Start a blog targeted at a niche you won’t find it difficult to compete. That way, you’ll not only get faster AdSense approval, the chances of earning something substantial will be increased.
But note:- I don’t say organic traffic is important before you get approved but it’s just to increase your Chance of approval

3. Write original and indept content only:-

writing original content is one of the most important AdSense approval hack AdSense hate copied content even your readers hate it before you can write an original content you will need do deep research and understand the topic before writing on it.
100% original blog posts get faster AdSense approval

4. Customize your blog properly:-

proper customization of blog is not only good for AdSense but it improve your blog seo.
Get a nice and responsive theme for your blog, design it properly and make it easy to navigate it even helps your seo.
Create a “Menu”, display “category/label” as well as “Archives”, recent posts, and popular posts on the sidebar of your blog .

5. Avoid copyrighted or Highly graphic Images:-

I am very sure that your AdSense application will be rejected if you have copyrighted image on you blog.
There are many websites where you can get some free stock image. Using stock photos from these websites require no attribution and permit commercial use. So, your application should not be rejected because of something so easy to avoid. So if you have any copyright image on your blog I will advice you to remove it
6. Add about page:- Your websites about page is a very important page. It is the page that gives your audience a clear understanding of what your website is all about.
create a page on your blog and write what your blog is all about, about the author and bla bla bla… An “About me” page should be at least 300 words. It should also be appealing, concise and informing.

7. Privacy policy page:-

add a privacy policy page to your blog and tag it “rel_noindex”.
Privacy policy page assures your readers or blog users of the safety of whatever information they share on your website. It is one of the most important pages every website must have.
You must add Information collection, information usage, information protection, third Party disclosure, Cookie usage, Google AdSense fair information practice, etc. On your privacy policy page
you can visit the website: to get a free copy of privacy policy, copy and paste it on your own privacy policy page.

8. Contact page:-

apart from it is requested by AdSense, it make your blog look more professional.
It even makes your readers know you are accessible, which is essential for your blog growth.

9. You need to reduce other advert on your blog:-

you need to reduce or remove ads served by AdSense rival sites before applying to AdSense. AdSense does not approve sites that do not comply with its ads policy.
You could perform that temporarily – till your site has undergone all the review processes. Then after you get approved you can put them again

10. Should your blog be 6month old or not?:-

According to Google AdSense, advertisers from some countries require that your site be up to 6 months old.
The countries where advertisers do not accept blogs not up to 6 months old are majorly developing countries in Asia and Africa. But though is not important.
However, you can still get fast AdSense approval applying from those countries

11. Place your sitemap on the menu section of your blog:-

when you apply for AdSense before your blog get approved it will go under some stage.Many people who apply for AdSense usually get rejected in the second stage of the eligibility test (after code implementation test). And that is because that test is been carry out by google bots. creating a sitemap makes it easier for robots to quickly navigate your blog in order to ascertain whether or not it is eligible for the AdSense program. So putting your sitemap on your blog is important since it will help your blog to be easily understand by google bots
12. Pray to God:- since pray is the key to success I think is one of the most important hack. Every thing in life need prayer be it good or bad so part to God he might hear your prayers.

Conclusion on AdSense approval hack:-

I wish you best of luck as you apply for AdSense.
As I said before if you follow the AdSense approval hack then I am very sure your application will not be rejected. Wish you best of luck. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter we still have a lot of upcoming interesting and useful tips to share a with you. And share with your friends CU’s sharing is loving

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