If technology Is powerful in the school room – Why do some college students Dislike It a lot

If technology Is powerful in the school room – Why do some college students Dislike It a lot

The effectiveness of generation use in the school room has grow to be a arguable issue. at the same time as many teachers and students sense that it is fine to use technology because it enhances teaching many others feel that it reasons too many challenges and that it is a waste of time. If technology is as effective in the school room as many teachers accept as true with it to be; why perform a little college students dislike it a lot?

so as to objectively respond to this question, three articles have been tested. 2 out of the 3 relate how using generation within the study room frustrates students even as the remaining one translates the mind of students who feel that generation within the lecture room has answered to their need. So the difficulty is not that generation isn’t powerful however as a substitute that some instructors want to be mindful about technology use inside the study room and others want to learn so as to properly use generation to teach so that scholars do not view generation as obstruction gaining knowledge of however as an enhancing tool.

After summarizing the 3 articles that have been reviewed we will be able to prove that there are 2 companies of students who claim to dislike generation within the study room: people who are improperly exposed to it by using their trainer and those who did not deliver themselves sufficient time to familiarize themselves with it. we will then be able to get to the logical end that those equal college students could appreciate the cost of generation inside the classroom if their teachers used it well. allow us to first summarize the articles that we’re referring to.

the thing “while right era approach terrible teaching related that many students sense that instructors and professor use technology as a manner to expose off. students whinge of era making their teachers “much less powerful than they would be if they caught to a lecture on the chalkboard” (younger) different issues associated by using students include teachers wasting class time to educate about a web tool or to flab with a projector or software program. while instructors are strange with the technological equipment, they’re probable to waist extra time trying to use them the technological software this is used the maximum according to college students is PowerPoint. college students bitch that instructors use it rather than their lesson plan. Many college students give an explanation for that it makes information extra hard “I call it PowerPoint abuse” (younger). Professors additionally publish their PowerPoint Presentation to the college board earlier than and after class and this encourages students to overlook more lessons.

another hassle pronounced inside the article with the usage of generation in the school rooms is that many schools spend time to teach their team of workers approximately how to use a specific era however it does no longer educate them on “strategies to use them properly” (young). the author believed that schools have to also provide small monetary incentives to teachers and professors to wait workshops.

In an interview made with 13 college students, “some gave their teacher a failing whilst it got here to the use of strength factor, route management structures and other school room generation” (younger ) a number of the complains had been again approximately the misuse of PowerPoint’s and the reality that teachers use it to recite what’s on the size. every other criticism was that teachers who are surprising with technology often waste elegance time as they spend extra time troubleshooting than teaching. The closing complain referred to is that a few instructors require college students to comment on online chat rooms weekly however that they do now not screen the final results or never make connection with the dialogue in elegance.

similarly, the object “i am now not a computer character” (Lohnes 2013) speaks to the reality that students expectations as far as era is involved may be very distinct. In a examine finished with 34 undergraduate college students, they recommend that technology is an essential a part of a college college students life because they need to do must everything online from making use of for college or college, searching and registering for instructions, pay tuition and that similarly to being included in the administration, and many others. era is also broadly used to teach and is valued by means of better schooling.

those college students, but, experience that technology poses a barrier to achievement as they conflict to align with the methods wherein the organization values generation.” A student explains that generation is used in her freshman yr to turn in assignments, take part in dialogue boards and blogs, emailing the professor, viewing grades and for a wide variety of different administrative undertaking such as tracking the following faculty bus. This precise scholar whose call is Nichole says that she does now not own a laptop but stocks a family laptop. She has a younger brother who additionally uses the laptop to complete his school paintings so she therefore has to stay up overdue to finish assignments. She states “technology and i? We in no way had that connection” (Lohnes). Nichole dislikes the fact that her college requests that she had greater contact with technology than she is conformable with. despite the fact that, she explains that as she started out doing the ones faculty on line assignments so often she got here to comprehend that they had been not that horrific.

one among her issues even though with technology is that she had come from Puerto Rico approximately a yr earlier entering university and that she in no way needed to use the computer so much there. The articles relates that other university students like Nichole have admitted that they may be “reluctant era customers” (Lohnes) the thing wants to explain, in essence, that although the general public could expect that university students prefer generation and are already familiar with it,” that assumption is defective” (Lohnes).

alternatively, the article “What Screenagers Say approximately… ” excessive school age college students had been asked approximately what they thought of era but most expressed liking it. one of them stated approximately PowerPoint: “My records trainer did a good task with power points. He could positioned them on-line, which made for surely exquisite reviews.” (Screneagers, 2011) Others expressed how technology became absolutely who they’re and that teachers should understand for instance that after they textual content in magnificence, they’re not being impolite but that they have got gotten used to multi tasking. any other student invitations instructors to no longer be frightened of technology “teachers should not be scared of technology. take into account that it is how we stay our lives. So don’t just push it out. learn to deal with us and how we work.” (Screenagers, 2011)

another student but, expressed how she prefers simpler generation that her trainer is secure with rather than excessive tech that the instructor does not control properly “The most essential thing for instructors is to be relaxed with what they’re the use of. It would not must be great excessive tech. My math teacher used a projector, and it turned into one among my favorite instructions. Then i would go to this other class wherein the instructor used electricity points and the clever board, but I failed to get any extra out of it due to the fact she wasn’t secure with the generation” (Screenagers, 2011) college students spoke about their appreciation for truly all types of era used inside the school room. another stated “one of my teachers used Skype. this is face-to-face interplay. If I had a problem with some math trouble i was working on, I may want to take a image of it and placed it at the Skype screen. She ought to see wherein i used to be making my mistake. It absolutely helped.” (Screenagers, 2011) the lowest line is that the ones excessive college college students desired to let instructors realize that they virtually like era and that it is already a wonderful part of their day by day habitual however that it had to be used well in order for them to enjoy it.

similarly, they summarize a few things that they dislike as properly. the various list, they said: analyzing on the laptop, paying lots for an internet textbook and the reality that they frequently forget about everything else after they get caught up with the usage of technology.

nonetheless, they had a great deal extra high-quality matters they liked in technology like for instance that some teachers might text a query for them to consider earlier than magnificence, so if they do no longer know they solution, they might talk with classmates to talk about the possibility for the answer before magnificence. This lets in them to go to elegance prepared. they also like using Skype, emailing their instructors in preference to going to talk to them in character. additionally they revel in dialogue forums. the recommendation they would love to convey to their teachers is to ensure that they may be cozy with anything technological tools they’re using, to provide them greater freedom to use the good sites and those inside the middle variety while they are browsing the internet the usage of school computer systems and to remember that era is a part of their lives.

After summarizing those articles, we can see that the students mentioned in Youngs, 2004 dislike era because their experience with it turned into not exceptional. In other phrases, a collection of college students dislike era due to the fact some instructors are not mindful approximately generation use or they want extra education. as an example, a few college students are annoyed due to the fact they feel that teachers waist their time when they are now not nicely trained to use the technological gear. Others disliked the reality that a few instructors had PowerPoint shows which have been both now not meaningful or they could just read anything they wrote and add no additional comments. those examples are referred to as “bad teaching (young, 2004) and they may be in reality horrible examples that instructors should no longer observe because generation is not supposed to assist teachers do the least work or to adopt poor coaching practices. Somme students related that PowerPoint became widely utilized by instructors so that they even call it PowerPoint abuse.

i will relate to what is being expressed by using those students. I observed a teaching Assistant teach a grammar elegance lately. He purchased a device to permit him to screen the screen with out touching the computer. He changed into in a position to walk during the magnificence even as converting slides. it all looked so magnificent but notwithstanding all of this display, college students have been left so burdened on the end of the lesson. when they requested questions, he went back to the slide that had the grammar rule and read it over to the elegance. The PowerPoint became a duplication of the textbook bankruptcy. The same examples of the e-book had been used. at the stop of the route, he felt that he had performed a super PowerPoint whilst in fact, it was now not significant. It become a replica/paste project from the textual content ebook to the display. this example shows that we need to use not unusual feel when the use of era. while coaching grammar, a trainer has so as to give you examples aside from the ones inside the e book, you have to write on the board, have student practice what they have found out. PowerPoint use turned into a real horrific concept, in my opinion, for coaching this path. It was just not the right technological device for the lesson.

college students in that magnificence may also determine that they hate energy factors as it confuses them extra whilst the problem is not with the use of PowerPoint but instead with the trainer’s poor choice of generation. The point I additionally need to make here is that instructors may every so often be unaware of their unsuitable use of technology. that is why, as educators, we now and again want to ask college students for his or her comments so we can also make corrections wherein wanted.

we are able to then finish that the ones college students dislike era as a result of unsuitable technological use by way of teachers, and additionally due to the fact many teachers do now not attend workshops or education sessions to help them acquire a broader information of era seeing that they’re so busy. Like advise (Youngs, 2004) and (Lohnes, 2012), those identical busy teachers would have attended the ones trainings if there were given an incentive. inside the article “generation requirements in a third-Grade lecture room” (Kovalik, 2001), it is related how a look at done on a 3rd grade magnificence of 25 showed that scholars were nicely the use of generation. there’s no indication that the ones college students dislike the usage of technology. the object additionally stated how the academics were exceedingly skilled because the Ohio board pays incentive to instructors to take part in generation schooling which coaching them no longer most effective how to use technology by means of teaches them techniques on while to apply them.

boards from other states must consider doing the equal factor to make sure that their instructors are responding to the technological want in their students and that they are coaching them in keeping with the requirements. The Ohio faculty referred to above met the standards as far as era is worried because of the era education received by means of the teachers. If instructors learn how to properly use generation within the school room, it’ll be a less irritating revel in for them and for the student who will much less possibly dislike era since it’ll meet its motive to beautify teaching.

the alternative organizations of students who dislike era are people who had been no longer uncovered to it for lengthy sufficient. The college Freshman, Nichole advises that she turned into no longer exposed to a lot technology even as she was in excessive college in her domestic u . s . a .; therefore, it seemed to be a burden to her to must want a computer to complete most of her faculty assignments however also to engage along with her classmate via a dialogue board. what’s interesting although is that even though she claimed to dislike technology so much, she recommended that when she started out to spend so much time the use of it, she realizes that it isn’t always so awful. although it is likely that a few human beings do not like the cellphone and texting so much, the pc and a few internet site have grow to be part of most people daily ordinary. In Nichole’s case, she does now not very own a pc and has to watch for her turn to use the circle of relatives laptop which means that that she has no attachment to this media because her use of it’s far managed. but, as soon as she gets to personal her very own computer, it’s far a guaranteed that her view of era will alternate.

I back to highschool after approximately 12 years. when i was in college the 1st time round, nothing became digital but when I contacted USF to use, they advised me that the whole lot was on-line. in the beginning, I requested why everything became on-line however as soon as I were given used to it, I commenced to apprehend the price of having the benefit to do lots of factors while not having to live my domestic.

therefore, Nichole will absolutely not keep to dislike generation that a lot once she gets greater acquainted and more attached to it. The truth is that she said that she began to comprehend that it was no longer that awful once she commenced doing so many assignments. She got here to the conclusion that the computer changed into not yet a pal however that it became now not an enemy; it have become to her an acquaintance.

With this expertise, depending at the background of some ELL college students and relying on whether or now not they were exposed to generation in their domestic u . s . a ., they may not like technology in the beginning but this have to no longer be a sign that they will never come to favored it. As trainer, we can want to permit them time to familiarize themselves with it whilst we retain to correctly use it in order that we do now not advocate in opposition to it or involuntary ship ignored facts about its genuine price.

on the other hand, the last article testifies to the reality that the new technology is technology driven and that once used properly, they benefits from it within the school room, there are numerous examples of ways instructors initially used technology to educate which might be appreciated via college students. What must the realization be then?

we have tested that era use is effective in the school room however that teachers need to take some actions so that you can make this device beneficial to students. it is vital that they acquired a few training in the event that they lack it, and prefer a pupil suggested inside the Screenager article, they ought to chorus from the use of complex gear if they are now not sure approximately how to use them. it’s great to correctly use some thing plenty less complicated that they’re familiar with like a excessive faculty scholar advised.

similarly, it’s far important for teachers to display screen the countless technological equipment and to research them before introducing them to their teaching. ought to they test some that do not paintings properly, they have to stop the use of them and are trying to find one that is more suitable. most significantly, generation isn’t constantly the answer that is why teachers have to be balanced whilst using it. If it is required that we use the board and chalks to assist students higher apprehend, that is what we need to do. Doing so, we are able to ensure that extra students respect the usage of era within the lecture room for what it is well worth.

If technology Is powerful in the school room – Why do some college students Dislike It a lot

The effectiveness of generation use in the school room has grow to be a arguable issue.


Alibaba sets new Singles’ Day record with $31B in sales, but growth is slowing

Alibaba sets new Singles’ Day record with $31B in sales, but growth is slowing

Alibaba scored another blockbuster Singles’ Day after customers around the world shopped in stores and online on the tenth edition of its November 11 shopping festival. That puts this year’s gross merchandise volume – a measure for the dollar value of total transactions – at a staggering $30.8 billion, although the company recorded its lowest-ever annual growth rate for the event.
The figure makes the spending bonanza more than twice the size of Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined in 2017.
This is by far the largest-ever Singles’ Day to date. Just 15 hours and 49 minutes into the spending spree, transactions leapfrogged that of 2017’s tally of $25 billion, the company announced on Twitter.

And there it is. Gross merchandise volume at this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival tops last year’s total.

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As the world anticipates when the supercharged shopping day will hit a ceiling, sales are already cooling. The final total of 2018 represents a 27 percent increase from last year. That’s the lowest Alibaba has seen in the history of Singles’ Day sales, and a drop from 36 percent in 2017 — still, it remains impressive given how large the target is each year.
The slowdown came on the heels of Alibaba’s weakest revenue growth since seven quarters ago and a cut in annual revenue forecast – though revenues were still increasing at a healthy rate of 54 percent year-over-year in its latest quarter.

New growth fuel

Consumers are expected to tighten their purse strings as an economic downturn hits China. The ecommerce giant is, however, unconcerned for it’s betting on the country’s rising middle class in the long run.
Shoppers “are looking for new ways to upgrade their lifestyles and make their lives better,” Alibaba executive chairman Joe Tsai  said at a media event on Sunday. “This will really offset a lot of the short-term cyclical effects.”
More than 300 million of China’s 1.4 billion people have entered the middle-income bracket, according to the national statistics bureau. That means discretionary items will drive much of the growth in the Chinese retail titan – and the upmarket trend is already underway. Health supplements, small home appliances, and skincare items are among the fastest growing categories by GMV during Singles’ Day this year.
Alibaba has also tapped into physical stores. The online retailer is poised to “digitize the whole consumer retail market,” Daniel Zhang,  current CEO and incoming chairman as Jack Ma hands over the helm next year, told media on Sunday. Over the past two years, Alibaba has been jostling with close rival to snap up strategic partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers who remain keen to reach Chinese consumers.
Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang started the Singles’ Day shopping festival in 2009 when he was in charge of the company’s Tmall business (Photo Vivek Prakash/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
There are nuances in the sheer size of GMV, however, as it doesn’t reflect final revenues. A slew of factors could boost the figure. For one, refunds cannot be processed on November 11. Many vendors run pre-sales weeks in advance, taking deposits for items at the time but only processing full payments on Singles’ Day.
Alibaba also aired a star-studded gala on the night of November 10 to drum up sales. It said that over 240 million people – that’s almost one in five people in China – watched the show and its Singles’ Day commercials through two of China’s top TV broadcasters and Alibaba’s own Youku  video streaming site.

Next ten years

As Alibaba enters its 19th year, it’s turning to new channels to sell. “Voice will be an important entry point,” said Zhang. The firm’s efforts to brace for China’s transition from a mobile-first age into an AI-powered one include a tie-up with voice assistant startup Rokid.
Alibaba also has its sights set on international consumers. This year, merchants from over 200 countries participated in Singles’ Day, including those on Alibaba’s Southeast Asia-based Lazada platform. “From day one, our dream was to create a global shopping day,” suggested Zhang.
An 11.11 advertisement in New York
Alibaba celebrated another big milestone this year: over one billion packages were shipped throughout the shopping day. But the company is also under mounting pressure to address its packaging waste problem.
“We have to redefine packaging,” said Zhang. That means more than using recycled material. More important, the CEO wants items to travel at a closer distance. This is made possible by algorithms that optimize inventory management. Alibaba could also lean on, which it acquired this year and runs a fleet of food delivery staff, to process neighborhood orders which may require less or no packaging at all.
Singles’ Day was first popularized as an antidote to Valentines’ Day for the way the date is written numerically: 11.11, which represents four single people. Nearly a decade after Zhang first turned it into a sales promotion for Tmall, Alibaba’s online sales platform for brands, the one-day event has swollen into the world’s largest online shopping festival.
“We created this day for people who are lonely. Today, we totally redefined the day for how people shop,” concluded Zhang.

Windows 10

The best way to install TensorFlow with GPU support on Windows 10 (without installing CUDA)

The best way to install TensorFlow with GPU support on Windows 10 (without installing CUDA)

Python environment setting with Anaconda Python
Install Anaconda Python
1) Download and check the installer
Run the installer
Check your installation
Update your Anaconda packages
Anaconda Navigator
Create a Python Virtual Environment for TensorFlow by using the conda
* “Activating” the environment
Install the TensorFlow-GPU from the Anaconda Cloud repositories
Make sure that TensorFlow works with your GPU
Create the Jupyter Notebook Kernel for the TensorFlow environment
An example is using Keras with the Backend TensorFlow
Install Keras
Launch of the Jupyter Notebook
Example MNIST
Import Dependencies
Download and process MNIST data
Create the neural network structure LeNet-5
Translate the form
Set the log data to be fed to TensorBoard for visual analysis
Training Form

See a job with TensorBoard

I wrote two weeks ago a publication titled Installing TensorFlow with GPU support on Windows 10 (without installing full CUDA). What you are reading now is an alternative to this post.
In this old post I could not find a way to install some of the CUDA at least. You try to reduce it by installing the base DLL only to make things work. It requires making changes to “User PATH” which you have to do. I’ve now found a way around this using the Anaconda Python bouquets only.
I was installing pytorch on Linux and Windows 10, and noted that they add the CUDA and cuDNN libraries needed with a separate Anaconda package (pytorch / cuda90 or 91). I tried this package with TensorFlow but it did not work. However, I searched Anaconda Claud and found anaconda packages supported for CUDA 9.0 and cuDNN 7 that worked! All I had to do was install these two packages in the default Kunda environment for TensorFlow. [The Linux TensorFlow package includes Anaconda CUDA and cuDNN internally in the same package. ]
The focus here is to get a good GPU working environment to speed up TensorFlow (with Keras and Jupyter notebook) and run them for Windows 10. You will not need to install CUDA for this purpose!
In this publication, I will draw you through the best way I have found so far to get a good TensorFlow working environment on Windows 10 including GPU acceleration. I will also go through the preparation of Anaconda Python and create an environment for TensorFlow and how to make it available for use with the Jupyter notebook. As an “unusual” example of using this setting, we will continue to train LeNet-5 with Keras using TensorFlow with GPU acceleration. We’ll get 18 times faster setup than using the CPU alone.

Python environment setting with Anaconda Python

I highly recommend using Anaconda Python. If you need some arguments to use Python, take a look at my published post. Do you learn programming with Python. For arguments on why you should use the Anaconda Python distribution see, how to install Anaconda Python and First Steps for Linux and Windows. The best reason to use Anaconda Python in the context of installing the accelerated TensorFlow GPU is that you do not have to do CUDA installation on the system.
Anaconda focuses on data science and automated learning. It is installed correctly on your system in one directory so that no clutter occurs in your application directories and library systems. It also improves performance and connects important digital nodes such as the solution to MKL from Intel.
Install Anaconda Python
1) Download and check the installer
Go to the Anaconda Downloads page and get Python 3.6.
It is good practice to check the fragmentation of the file to make sure you got a good copy. [I must admit that I do not always do this myself. ]
Open Powershell and cd to the directory in which you downloaded the Anaconda installation program file. In my case is the downloads directory.
CD downloads
Then run

Get-FileHash. Anaconda3-5.2.0-Windows-x86_64.exe -Algorithm SHA256

Look for the fragmentation of the file you downloaded. Check that they match.
Run the installer
Because Powershell is open in the directory using an Anaconda exe installation file, you can start it by typing its name (type A and hit to expand the name) and hit Back. [You can instead just double click on the download install xp. From your browser files. ]
. Anaconda3-5.1.0 Operating Windows-x86_64.exe
The GUI installer should now run.
You will be asked to accept a license agreement …
“Select installation type” We recommend that you select “Just Me” as this is part of your personal development environment.
“Choose the installation location” I recommend that you keep the default that is at the top level of your user directory.
“Advanced Installation Options”
Advanced installation
My recommendation is to check both boxes. Make Anaconda Python 3 your default Python. As a developer, you should be familiar with your PATH environment variable.