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Advance blogger seo setup (blogspot on-page seo)

Recently on this blog I wrote a content about Blogspot seo setup tutorial  But today am going to take it to an advance level That why I called it advance blogger seo setup  and in this post will will be talking about blogspot on page seo settings keep reading… ……

Seriously this days I have been getting many message on facebook about setting up blogspot on page seo by many newbies friends
But now I have come with complete blogspot on page seo setup in order for you to do it yourself
To learn seo is important in order to blog without having regret laterly because without setting up your blog seo don’t expect traffic in your site
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 Advance blogger seo setup ( blogspot on page seo)

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Now let me list the best blogspot on page seo setup tips
Don’t ask me whats the meaning of onpage seo if you know you know and if you don’t know  go to google and type the keyword and you will understand

First blogspot on page seo setup :-

Custom Robots Header Tags

You can read my Previous post to understand this better
Briefly :-
Custom Robots Header Tags setting is one of the most important setting for blogspot blogs to make it more seo friendly.
It’ll be beneficial for you to use custom robots headers tags correctly. It’s easy to manage these settings
Click hereto know more about this setting

Second advance blogger seo setup Is

Custom Robots.txt

Search engine crawler bots needs some guidelines when crawling your site. they have to crawl and index our blog. We can prevent some non-important  pages that you didn’t want them to crawl  from indexing in Google to protect our blog from duplicate content issues.
Read this tutorial to set this up for easy understanding

Third advance blogger seo setup is keywords optimization

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Who said keyword research is not important for seo?
If you are not doing keyword research before writing your blog post you might end up failing as a blogger
Keyword optimization really worth it  and when writing your blog post put your keywords in the appropriate place for easy ranking

Fourth blogspot on page seo setup is Image optimization

You may definitely notice relevant images between the posts on many blogs.
Images not only enhance the look of our content, but it also plays an important role to optimize our blog posts.
If we make effective use of images in our blog posts, then we can attain extra traffic from search engines.

The fifth is internal linking

One of the best way to reduce bounce rate of you blog is through internal linking
bounce out rate affect the blog seo in a negative way
And it’s still a  way you can make the search engine crawler bots to recrawl you posts because the crawler bots will crawl every link in a blog post

The sixth is reducing blog loading time

Research say that site that loads slowly do loses over 40% traffic
Even when a site take forever to load it sucks the visitors and they will go back and nnot come back again
By doing this its increasing your site bounce out rate and it will affect your site seo negatively
Try to put more effort in increasing your blog loading time

Wrapping up advance blogger seo setup (blogspot on page seo setup)

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