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Blogspot seo tutorial | blogspot seo setup tutorial (best guide)

Recently I  have searched for blogspot seo Setup tutorial many times online but I was disappointed 😞  because I couldn’t see any helpful content which I can use to setup my blogspot site seo, but here in this guide I have provide for you the best blogspot seo  tutorial so keep reading… …….

Blogspot is a free platform and it’s easier to use for newbies
WordPress has its own manual seo setup and blogspot has it own too but blogspot don’t use plugin but you can do all settings on your dashboard
This tutorial am about to teach you I have used it for many of my clients and then we were able to see go result after the set up
Let’s go straight to the point
Table of Contents

Have you submitted your blogspot site sitemap to search console?

Submitting sitemap  to search console is an important seo factor not only for blogspot but for Every website
Then click on the sitemaps option
At the Top right corner of your sitemap page, Select Add/text Sitemap
In the above space if your blog post is below 500 put this code there
But if your blog content is more than 500 you use this instead

Lets continue on the blogspot seo setup tutorial

For easy understanding let’s firstly setup the search preference
To set it up click on setting on your menu dashboard
Select on search preference 
We need to edit the search preference in blogspot first because it’s contains the main seo setup in blogspot
meta tags Description, It’s disabled by default,
click on Edit Button to enable it so  you can write a description for your blog
After clicking on the edit button, you will see two options
1. [Yes]
2. [No]
Click on [Yes] Button and Write Maximum 150 characters about Description for Your Website.
This description will be shown on search engine when ever a person search for your blog
I know you will be able to write the description since no one knows your site more than you I think writing the description will be easy

And note:

Your description should not be more than 150 or else your site might be ignored by search engine because you have done the your blog seo setup in a wrong way
Make sure it brief ,eye catching and descriptive

Now let’s move to the custom robot tag setting ( blogspot seo setup tutorial )

This setting is important because it will enable the search engine crawler to easy crawl your site whenever you write a new content
whenever you  publish a new  post then Google and other Search Engine Robots automatically start  crawling and index your Website URL and Post Permalinks.
Now you click on
(Custom robots header tags) option
click on {Yes} and follow below figure setting for Crawling make sure you don’t make mistakes in this setting because it can affect your seo

Setting and adding the Custom Robots txt ( blogspot seo tutorial)

To Enable your robots txt settings click on the edit button 
Now Enable your robots txt settings by ticking on the YES button
Once you tick on yes and saved your settings , you have successful enabled Custom Robots txt for your blog.

Blogspot header seo (blogspot seo tutorial)

We have learnt that a good template with the necessary SEO properties should contain the H1 tag in every post title as that’s a good SEO practice for every Blogspot theme.
Most of the Blogspot themes do use H3 instead of H1 in post title so if your theme structure doesn’t wrap up your post title in H1, You can change it below.
Change h3 to H2 in Your Blog for SEO.
goto => Template => Edit html => ctrl+f
then write

( Blogspot seo setup tutorial )when writing a blog post

After finishing writing your post you need to optimize your blog post seo for Better ranking  now click on the right side bar 

Brief  explanation for this

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Post lebel:-

It’s the same to as post category that is the category for the post you are about to publish


This is an important option here you most change your permalink to the keyword you are targeting for the blog post

Search description

The search description it the description search engine will show for your post in search result
Then change your description to the description of the post you are about to publish
Make it brief ,eye catching and descriptive and let it contain your keyword 

wrapping up for blogspot seo setup tutorial

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Now you have successful setup your blogspot site seo
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Thanks hope you will come back for more blogspot seo setup tutorial

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