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Major difference between blog and website and their similarities

Last week on Facebook I received a message from a good friend asking me what are difference between blog and website 

I have once asked this type of question when I was a novice in the IT industry so I pick up my phone straight to and typed in this keyword but unfortunately I was unable to find any answer that will satisfy me
But now I want to write this post in other to explain more to you about difference between blog and website.

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What is a blog

A blog is a type of website where  content is presented and update from time to time in a chronologically way (I.e latest post appear first) and content in a blog are called blog post

What is a website

In a simple way of divining a website
A website is a place where advertising,buying and selling take place. if someone need to purchase anything online they are expect to go to website.
For a quick understanding:- every blog is a website but not all website are blog
now let’s look deep into the two firstly blog

What is blogging

Blogging is the act of maintaining and publishing of content in a blog
Every article / content in a blog are called blog post. And blog owners are called blogger
Blogging involves writing skills, search engine optimization, social media marketing and many more

History of blogging

Blogging has started since the late 90s and it is derived from the word “weblog” and later shorten to the word “blog”
In the late 90 people started the creation of running personal web pages where they published regular updates content about their activities
The most popular tool launched then is  in 1999 and later it was acquired by google
In the 2003 WordPress was launched and till now it has became the most popular popular blogging platform

What are blog used for

It depends on what individual are using for since you can shape you blog anyway you want it to be
But basically people use blog to journal about their daily personal lives or give out commentaries on social, political, spiritual or other related dimensions.

What is  blog website

A blog can be create along side with a website
Companies do have a website with a homepage which welcomes and introduces readers to the company’s mission, services and contact details.
It could also have a blog with a homepage showing latest news and updates about its services and make people know more about the website
Research has said website with blog are generating 40℅ revenue than those without a blog

What are the benefit of blog

One benefit of blog that baffled me the most is generation of revenue
Has I have said earlier website with blog do generate 40℅ revenue more than those without a blog
Thou Each individual blogger has their own motivation for blogging has some use it as alternative to journal which they use it to keep records of their activities
Many bloggers make money from their blogs using various monetization methods like me some people will say they are blogging for passion but passion can’t pay my own bills.
Businesses use blogging to bring more potential customers to their websites since it will let people know more about their business

Here are the major difference between blog and website listed below

  • Home page content are static
  • It contains portfolio works
  • No comments section
  • Testimonies are display
  • Transactions are done
  • Reviews about product
  • It require professional skill
  • Customer care service is provide
  • Almost every business has a website
  • Content are display in chronological order
  • It contains comments section
  • No testimony is display
  • Article are organized in category
  • Every blog has author
  • No professional skill is required
  • No customers care service
  • Some business have a blog

Similarities between blog and website

  • They both need seo
  • The both have plugins, pages, and posts
  • The both are hosted
  • They have domain names
  • They target specific audience
  • They contains picture,link,content
  • They needs hard work

Conclusion on difference between blog and website

All apple are fruit but not all fruit are apple at the same time all blog are website but not all blog are website
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