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The best free Android apps

Best Android Apps – Introduction
Ten years have passed since the announcement of Android, and it was a decade ago. But there was no better time to hop on board, as the Google Play store exploded in recent years, with applications spreading to meet all your needs.

The problem lies in: having a large number of them, even with Editors’ Picks, Featured, Best Selling, Top Paid, and Top Free categories there to help.

There are things you can do to filter the winners of the wannabes. Google creates a list of apps that you recommend based on previous downloads, so this is often the place to start.

You can also filter by new versions if you just want to see the latest things to get to the store. Or, if you want an app similar to an app, look for that app and see what appears.

Of course, using user feedback and ratings is an essential part of ensuring that your applications are of high quality. But the easiest (and best) way to find high quality apps is to make someone else looking for you.

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That is why we put this list. Just like you want the best apps for Android phones. Applications that will revolutionize the functionality, or at least, offer something so great that it is one of the applications that should be downloaded when you get a new phone.

The following applications will be continuously updated and are a combination of paid and free apps selected by our Android experts. So, even if you’re reviewing the actual money for one of these apps, you’re safe knowing it’s a worthwhile purchase.

New This Week: Mobi Goo

£ 7.99 per month

You may have come across Moby before – it’s a streaming movie service that allows subscribers to access a new movie every day, with an emphasis on independent and global movies. Moby Goo is basically a movie.

The service selects a new movie version every week and gives you a free ticket. Or rather, it gives you a quick response code that can be scanned in some movie theaters in exchange for a ticket.

There seems to be a good range of cinemas, including big strings like Vue, although Moby Joe tends to choose specialized films that do not contain large versions, so if you are not in a big city your mileage may vary.

The service is included with a standard Mobi subscription, so if you are already a subscriber you can download the MobiJo app and instant access.

However, while Mobi itself is available in both the United States and the United Kingdom, Mobi Go is currently a British service only. We will not be surprised if that changes someday, but at the same time, American users always have a superficially similar MoviePass movie.

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