The Major distinction between BLOG and WEB SITE and their similarities

 The major distinction between BLOG and WEB SITE and their similarities

Last week on Facebook I received a message from an honest friend asking me what area unit distinction between diary and web site

I have once asked |this kind of the question once I was a novice within the IT trade so I develop my phone straight to and typewritten during this keyword however sadly I used to be unable to search out any answer which will satisfy ME
But currently, I need to jot down this post in an alternative to clarify a lot of to you regarding the distinction between diary and web site.


What is a diary?
A diary could be a sort of web site wherever content is bestowed and update from time to time in a very chronologically method (I.e latest post seem first) and content in a very diary area unit known as diary post

What is Website?
In a straightforward method of divining an internet site
A website could be a place wherever advertising, buying, and commercialism happen. if somebody ought to purchase something on-line they’re expected to travel to the web site.
For a fast understanding:- each diary could be a web site however not all web site area unit diary
now let’s look deep into the 2 first off diary

What is blogging?
Blogging is the act of maintaining and commercial enterprise of content in a very diary
Every article/content in a very diary area unit known as a diary post. And diary homeowners area unit is known as blogger
Blogging involves writing skills, computer program improvement, social media promoting and plenty of a lot of

History of blogging
Blogging has started since the late 90s and it’s derived from the word “weblog” and later shortened to the word “blog”
In the late ninety individuals started the creation of running personal web content wherever they revealed regular updates content regarding their activities
The most standard tool launched then is in 1999 and later it absolutely was nonheritable by google
In the 2003 WordPress was launched and until currently it’s become the foremost standard blogging platform

What area blog used for?
It depends on what individual area unit victimization for since you’ll form your blog any way you would like it to be
But essentially individuals use the blog to journal regarding their daily personal lives or offer out commentaries on social, political, non secular, or alternative connected dimensions.

What is a blog web site?
A blog is produced at the side of with an internet site
Companies do have an internet site with a homepage that welcomes and introduces readers to the company’s mission, services, and make contact with details.
It might even have a diary with a homepage showing the latest news and updates regarding its services and build individuals grasp a lot of regarding the web site
Research has an aforesaid web site with diary area unit generating 40℅ revenue than those while not a diary

What is the importance of Blog?
One good thing about the blog that baffled me the foremost is the generation of revenue
Have I actually have an aforesaid earlier web site with diary do generate 40℅ revenue quite those while not a diary
Thou every individual blogger has their own motivation for blogging has some use it as different from a journal that they use it to stay records of their activities
Many bloggers build cash from their blogs victimization varied monetization ways like me some individuals can say they’re blogging for passion however passion can’t pay my very own bills.
Businesses use blogging to bring a lot of potential customers to their websites since it’ll let individuals grasp a lot of regarding their business

Here are the most important distinction between blog and web site listed below

Home page content area unit static
It contains portfolio works
No comments section
Testimonies area unit show
Transactions area unit did
Reviews regarding product
It needs a skilled ability
Customer care service is give
Almost every business contains a web site

Content area unit is shown in written account order
It contains comments section
No testimony is show
Article area unit organized in class
Every blog has an author
No skilled ability is needed
No customers care service
Some business have a blog
Similarities between Blog and web site

They each would like SEO
Each has plugins, pages, and posts
Each area unit hosted
They have domain names
They target a specific audience
They contain an image, link, content
They want toil

Conclusion on the distinction between Blog and Web site
All apple are fruit however not all fruit are apple at a constant time all blog are web site but not all web site are blog

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