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How to Get a Canada Student Visa

Throughout the long term, numerous imminent understudies have applied for places in Canadian schools. Regardless of anything else, the nation has everything required for balanced training.

Before you can school in Canada, you should get an understudy visa. However, you can’t get this archive particularly assuming you don’t meet the conditions expected to get this report.

Might you want to know how to get a visa for your schooling? In the event that indeed, you can utilize the means on this post to find out with regards to the correct ways of applying for this record.

How to Get a Canadian Student Visa

Despite the fact that we offer an extensive aide, the necessities may change because of government approaches. Considering this, actually, look at the Canadian government site for any extra data prior to making your application. Presently here are the means expected to apply for a Canadian Student visa.

1. Get an Invitation from Your Preferred Canadian Institution

Before picking applying for a student visa, look for a school that suits your requirements. Then apply for an invitational letter that allows you to gain admission to the institution.

2. Apply for a Visa

Check out the official Canadian website to determine if you are eligible for a student visa. Here you will discover possible scenarios that might hinder your application process. Also, you will know the right visa for your needs.

3. Apply for the Student Visa

Head to the Citizenship and Immigration website and start your online application. Here you will discover the required documents needed to process your visa application.

Most times, the documents include an acceptance letter from the school, a medical report, proof of funds for your stay in Canada, and a police clearance certificate.

4. Prepare the Documents/Items Needed for Your Application

Ensure you have the required paperwork and items for your application. These materials should include:-

  • The original copy of the letter of acceptance from a Canadian university.
  • A printed copy of the student permit application with filled-in details.
  • A valid passport with a minimum of two blank pages
  • Flight Reservation ticket with details of your preferred airline and date of arrival
  • Proof of payment for visa application fees
  • Proof of funds to support your stay in Canada ( e.g. bank statements from your bank)
  • Letter of Motivation / Purpose stating your reasons for choosing your preferred institution.
  • Two recent passports
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Academic documents
  • Marriage certificate/birth certificate

5. Visit  the Visa Application Centre

Head to the Visa application center to submit your application and fingerprints. Also, make payments for your application to get the tracking number. With this number, you can check the status of your application and know the right date to collect your passport.

6. Collect Your Passport/Visa from the Visa Collection Centre

If you have a successful application, the center will offer a date for the collection of your student visa. On the said date, you will also collect your passport from the visa application center.


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