black hat seo

Introduction to black hat seo and all what you need to know about it

Let’s talk about black hat seo

There are two most popular ways of doing seo
  1. White hat seo
  2. Black hat seo
Every seo practitioners is either one of the two
Just as its name implies for quick understanding let me say black hat seo is like using black magic
Black magic is the dangerous part of magic which its used to hurt people the same thing applicable to black hat seo practice
According to my own definition;-
Black hat seo is the illegal part of seo which is practice to hurt other people website in other to get fast short terms ranking in search engines.
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But does it really works?:

Yea! It works and allot of people are seeing high ranking result by practicing it.

The truth about black hat seo practice

See let me tell you the truth
The truth is that all black hat seo practice is legal but some people abuse or misuse them in other to get ranking fast and this act turn it illegal
If you want fast short term higher ranking for your site you use this option

but note:-

All high ranking result you see using this method are short terms

Difference between white hat and black hat seo practice

Below I will make comparison between White hat and black hat

Black hat

  • You break search engine rule
  • Quick high ranking result
  • Your rank only last in short time
  • You focus on search engine the most not human audience
  • You hurt others
  • If you are caught you get penalize
  • Not advisable

Now white hat

  •  You target both human an search engine audience
  • Your rank last long
  • Slow high ranking result
  • You are safe and you don’t hurt others
  • Its  doesn’t need to break rules
  • You get no penalty
  • It advisable

Most common negative seo practice

Here are some common negative seo practice and their meaning and how they works

cloaked content :-

Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which the content or information presented to the user is different from that presented to search engine crawlers  in other to get better indexing.
Cloaking in other way called spamdexing it one of the most popular negative seo practice and its an  illegal act.
The search engine may ban from indexing a blog that engage in cloaking.

Keyword stuffing

What Is keyword stuffing. According to Wikipedia
Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization technique, considered webspam or spamdexing, in which a keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines.
Keyword stuffing is a strict illegal seo practice and google hate it so much
Though keyword stuffing works and help in short term ranking for your site but if you get cut then you get your penalties which means your site ranking will be remove altogether.

Link spamming

Link spamming is best practice by blog commenting and forum discussion.
Even though spammers are criminal.
By building spam link or when many spam link pointed to a webpage the page is then rank higher than others and get more authority.
But it rank only for short term and when you are caught your site ranking drop
And does this mean we should not blog comment our site link again? i didn’t say that but there is an legal way to blog comment for seo I have wrote about it on this blog ( check here)

Content automation

This is the act of using software to generate content to your site
This is another useless black hat seo practice
Yes I called it useless because what is useful in content written by software the content will not have HTML tags,heading, image,paragraph spacing, alignment even its not easy to read
Now what’s useful there but if you use this   you will get a lot of content on your site in a short time period but when you get caught you get blacklisted in search engine and you face the consequences

Private blog network (pbn)

This is one of the White hate seo derived from black hat as said by nail Patel and its not too dangerous
Pbn are a collection of blogs created by a person to generate links to a site and to help it rank in Google. It is a powerful way of creating a massive number of links from different domains to a site
People do buy pbn backlink because they are already expire link that have high page authority so it can pass some link juice to their money site

Bait and switch

This is a very creative way of deceiving the search engine and only creative people does this
This is when you rank a page for some set of keywords and after the page get ranked you then change the content inside the page
When this page rank for a certain keyword and the people search for the keyword and they click on the link what they will come across in the content will be different to the topic they click
Recently this method works but now you get banned directly when detected

Hidden text/link

Some seo practitioners believe that you can rank for many keywords by hidding them in a content
Truly this has worked in the late 90s not now anymore
But link hidden is still one of the most effective ranking factor since the might be invisible to the visitors but visible to the crawler
People do hide link when the link is not comparable to the content on the page
And this is mostly practice between company owned by the same person or friends

Shady redirects

I can’t say this aspect is a complete black hat practice or lemme call it gray hat
301 redirect is a good practice of seo it is done when the url of a page changed in other to create a better user experience
But now its misused or abused in the sense that people redirect the old site to their own site to keep its link juice
So peoples use some software like gscarpper or scrapebox to  scrape expired domain and shady redirect it to their own site
Don’t forget I said is not completely black hat the reason is that this can be done in a legal way  even it one of the best link building strategy.
you can just outreach the blog author and tell him or her that you discovered an expired link on his site and you have a related post on your site if he can consider redirecting the expired domain to the related post on your site since broken link create bad user experience

Doorway or gateway pages

Doorway pages are pages that are very optimized for a few keywords. They are made exclusively for search engines and are found before the actual page.
This type of page do consists plain HTML and very simpler design
Search engine do frown to this type is seo trick since the content is different from search Engine and visitors
Google launched a new doorway page penalty algorithm especially for this type of technique.
So you get caught you get penalized


Have you now understand what black hat seo is and its basics you can use all the above listed seo trick to rank your site higher in search engine but in short term
Note:- all this to do all this you will invest your time and money
Wait a minute why can’t you put all these efforts,time,money on practicing legal seo and rank in long term on search engine
P.S remember it’s consequence
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