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Top paying pay per click sites in nigeria

pay per click sites in Nigeria you should join

Several people has been banned form google AdSense and some are yet to get approved because google AdSense terms are strict
Getting google AdSense approval now is something difficult nowadays unlike those days where you can just apply with copied contents and less words and get approved easily.
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But the good news is this:-

Do you know that here in Nigeria, we have many Ad networks willing to advertise on your website/blog  and pay you big money

Reason you should join pay per click sites in Nigeria:-

There are many reason why you should join Nigeria pay per click sites the reason are listed below
1. Easy approval:-
Nigeria pay per click network terms are not that strict. When you apply to this networks you are always welcome
We all know that top paying AdSense pay in dollars many Nigeria bloggers face problem when trying to convert the dollars into their local currency.
Then why don’t you go for AdSense that will pay you in your local currency and avoid all this problems.
3. Payment method:-
Top paying AdSense only pays though PayPal.
But the problem is that Nigeria PayPal cannot be use to receive payment.
4. Site and traffic requirements:-
There are some google AdSense requirements that you can not meet especially if you are a newbie in blogging field.
And you must get atlest 2000 daily page view before you can get approved by google AdSense. all this requirements none of them are required by Nigeria adverts company

Top paying pay pay per click sites in Nigeria

  1. Alternative advert:-
This is one of the highest paying AdSense in africa
They offer both pay per click and pay per impressions
pros of alternative advert
Sign up is easy and no minimum traffic required
They offer both text and banner ads of various size
Try pay in dollars with the minimum payout of $50
You can use their referral program. You earn 3%of the money the advertiser you refer spent and 5% of the money earn by publisher
Adquet is the leading advert company in Nigeria. they are based on only cpc and ppc withe good banner and text ads
pros of adquet
Gaining approval from adquet is easy you can run both publisher and advertiser on thesame account
No minimum traffic required
They support sub domain like and they accept all niche
They pay as high as #100 and low @ #5 it depends on the AdSense size
Their minimum payout is #2500 they pay though PayPal and bank wire transfer
Clicking their AdSense on your blog by yourself is against their policy

3. NgAdverts

NgAdverts is another good Ad Network in Nigeria that pays bloggers for display their ads on their blog.
They are based on PPC and CPC.
They offer good text and banner ads and support various ads layout.
Just like Adquet, you can sign up as both publisher and advertiser.
Pros of NgAdverts
Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required
Offer both Advertiser and Publisher platform
Based on text and banner ads.
Minimum payout is as low as #3000 as pay via bank wire.
Clicking your ads in against their policy and will get your site disapproved.

4. Nairapp

Nairapp is one Nigerian Advertising Network that has mobile and pc friendly ads.
They are really good for bloggers based in Nigeria that would love to monetize their site.
They Offer both Pay per click and Pay Per Impression
Pros of Nairapp
Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required.
Offer both text and banner ads
Earn 25% of the money spent by publisher you refer and 5% of the
money earned by publisher you refer.
Minimum payout is #3000 offer payouts to Paypal, check or Bank wire.

5. Dochase

Dochase is another good Ad Network in Nigeria and they are based on PPC and CPC. Their ads are not too friendly but pay high per click.
They are strict in their policies and deactivate your account once
they notice any spam click.
Earning takes 24 hours to show on their platform
Pros of Dochase
No minimum traffic required for approval,
Signup is easy and fast.
Pay higher on ad click than impression.
Minimum cashout as low as #2000 and offers fast payment to your local bank account than most Advertising Network
6. Twinpinenetwork:-
Twinpine is one leading Ad Network in Nigeria that supports both advertising on mobile app and website.
With good support from advertisers like Pepsi, Jobberman, MTN, twinpine offers their publisher quality text and banner ads.
With little or no minimum traffic required you can gain approval and start monetizing your site with twinpine ads.
Pros of Twinpinenetwork
Gain easy and fast approval once signup.
Display good and virus free ads to their publishers.
Offer both PPM and CPC services.
Minimum payout of #2500 via Paypal or bank.

Conclusion word on top paying pay per click sites in Nigeria:-

By now I think Nigeria bloggers that are facing difficulties with top paying AdSense like google have now find solution to their problem
I think you should consider joining two or three of the Nigeria advert company listed in this article.
you can display like two or three advert on the same blog without been banned
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