ANDROID NVRAM Solution to Invalid IMEI Solution to Invalid IMEI by restoring NVRAM

Solution to Invalid IMEI by restoring NVRAM

Solution to Invalid IMEI by restoring NVRAM – If you have a Mediatek Android phone and have lost access to the network by not being able to make or receive calls and you can see the “INVALID IMEI” notification on the status bar, this means that your phone has probably lost or damaged NVRAM. But you can fix this.

This method is only possible if you have a complete nandroid backup of your phone before losing NVRAM (by any means for example by formatting). The nandroid backup also backs up your phone NVRAM in a NVRAM.bin file that you can use to restore your phone NVRAM as it will fix an invalid IMEI problem. But if you do not have such a backup, you can still recover from this issue by following another.

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Alternate Method

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes a Flashing Android smartphone. If you do not follow it correctly, it may lead you to bricking your Android device. By any means, after our portable flashing guides, you are solely responsible if any damages or errors happen to your device or hardware during or after the flashing process.


  1. Locate the nvram.bin file along with the scatter file from the nandroid backup folder that you created earlier at some point. You can copy these two files to an easy-to-access location.
  2.  Open the scatter file in Notepad editor. Notepad ++ and locate “NVRAM” as the section name. Replace the file name from “None” to “nvram.bin”. Replace the is_download field from “False” to “True”. Save the file and close the editor.
  3.  Open the SP Flash tool and download the newly edited Scatter file. It’s also a scatter modified file and will let you flash NVRAM as a new input automatically loaded. Select the “NVRAM” entry and press the “Download” button.
  4. Turn off the phone and connect via USB.

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    It should only take a few seconds on the NVRAM flash. This is. When finished, cut the phone and boot it.