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How to add email subscription pop up for blogger to your site

Today let’s look at how to add email subscription pop up for blogger to your blogger site

Subscribers are very important in blog or website as they are the true follower of a blog/site
There are many methods to Create a Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger
for example, you can use JavaScripts to Create subscribe by email widget for Blogger, but here in this guide, I will teach you the easiest method for creating a subscribe by email widget for Blogger.
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Difference between pop up and sidebar email subscription widget:-

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Let me describe the benefit of pop  up email subscription over the side bar widget
1. easily notice:-
Pop up subscription form are easily notice and when it easily noticed you get more subscribers
2. Sidebar widgets are mostly hidden when the user scrolls down.
3. Beautiful and engaging Popups blow the reader’s mind and convert them into subscribers.

Reason why you should use email subscription pop up for blogger

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Do you know that you can increase your blog subscribers 2 to 3times by changing the position of your email subscription  form.
A popup email subscription box helps your blog readers to reach your blog’s subscription widget quickly, and ultimately they end up by subscribing to your blog.
Pop up subscription form is attractive and it makes your site looks more professional
And even it does not slow down your site loading speed so

How to create email subscription pop up for blogger:-

Step 1:- you will need to create a mailchimpAccount
Step 2:- Create a new list (here you’ll find your future subscribers).
Step 3:- Go to your created list and click on ‘Signup forms’ and then select ‘subscriber popup’
Step 4:- Now you can create and design your popup form. You can choose different layouts, different fonts, colors and you can also insert a pic. Actually pretty awesome
Step 5:- When you are finished, click on the ‘generate code’ button and copy the provided code.
Step 6 :- this is the last step login to your blogger
Go to blogger –> Layout –> add a Gadget –> paste your code into the content.
Then you are done! But don’t forget to save the arrangment
Now, your visitors will see your popup box and don’t worry you’ll not bother anyone with it.
If your visitors closed the window of that box or have subscribed already, then the popup form will not show up again, unless they clear their browser cache.

Conclusion on email subscription pop up for blogger

Try to use the email subscription pop up form and increase your subscribers 2 to 3times and generate more sales!!!
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