Great Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Great Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Starting a successful blog is not a day something, today I will share with you great tips to become a successful blogger so keep reading………..

To start a blog is easier but to make it successful is not that easy because it takes allot of effort, stress,learning,time ,money and sometimes pain

Now lemme share with you great tips to become a professional blogger

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First tips to become a successful blogger : is to select good host

Before successfully building a house you must make sure you get a good foundation  since the foundation will be the one holding the building, if your foundation is bad then don’t expect to build a good house

The samething applicable to website building if you choose a bad host then you have choose to build a bad website. So you should be careful with the host you are going to use

Find your niche

it’s important to ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Running? Cooking? Being a parent? Have you found your passion? If so, whatever it is, write about that.

don’t create a blog about something you are not good about unless you have a unique experience about it .

You must be careful when choosing your theme

Whenever you want to choose a theme Make sure you choose a light weight theme

A good theme gives you the look and feel you want for your blog, allowing you to make a blog that looks exactly how you want it to look.

But no matter how good the theme was if it’s not light weight then don’t use because it will slow down your website and give your user bad experience

Select the best plugins for your site

It is not necessary to have hundred or thousand plugins on your site before making your becoming successful

Choose only few but best plugins for your site too much plugins or using a bad plugins  on your site will slow down your website. No matter how good you are in seo if your site is slow don’t expect any organic traffic .

Be careful when choosing a plugin in other not to have a bad experience

Start writing quality and complying contents

start writing  content on your blog  and create important pages like : About Page, Contact Page, Start Here Page, Books Page, Tour Page, Archives Page, etc.

Finally  start writing new blog posts and publishing them regularly (at least two to three post a week)

Add value to your readers

Your blog must add value to its readers’ lives. This is the only way you will get Great Quality Readers to your site and keep them coming back.

Be interesting and original

there are other blogs out there about the same thing you want to write about.  So ask yourself why is your blog different? You are what makes your blog different. It’s about your perspective, your creativity, the value that you add thats what will make your blog different from others and Be Interesting.

Write awesome and quality content. Especially if you want people to share it with others.

Spend more time in growing your blog not tweaking of design

Blogging takes allot of time before you can become successful

Many people spend more time on tweaking blog design than growing their blog

If you don’t grow your blog visitors then who are you tweaking your blog design for?

Use social media opportunity

Yes, we recommend using twitter , facebook ,  instagram and other social media sites  to help connect with your audience and other bloggers, but don’t get too caught up in it. Focus on the writing first, social media thereafter

Research before writing a content

Spend time researching what you’re writing about.

Before I start writing a new content I use to do research on five to Six blog so that I will be able to bring something unique for you guys

Do deep research before writing a content to be able to add value to your readers

Keep your writing simple and understandable

If you noticed very well you will see that I don’t have masters cartificate in English but that you seems to understand the message I am passing to you .

So don’t make things difficult for yourself just make your writing simple and easy to understand by your readers

Wrapping up : great tips to become a successful blogger

Being a successful blogger is not a joking stuff

Follow the above great tips to become a successful blogger and use it in your daily blogging live and am sure by God grace you will see a good result sooner

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